Tax advice
Legal services
Preparation of transfer price records


Posting of incoming and outgoing invoices
Bookkeeping of cash and bank transactions
Filling in and submitting declarations, logins, and amendments
Keeping VAT records, preparing and submitting VAT returns based on them
Analysis and registration of tangible assets
Information before closing
Preparation of returns and balance sheet by the deadline prescribed by NAV
Reconciliation of current tax accounts, preparation of transfers
Continuous, immediate advice
Information about changes in legislation that occur in the meantime
Verbal or written information about the amount of taxes to be remitted, account numbers and other related information


Notification and declaration of persons obliged to be insured electronically in the NAV system
Calculation of benefits for the period of sick leave - charged to the company
Calculation of the current monthly gross salary of full-time employees based on absences, vacations and attendance records
Calculation of commission fees, member deductions, dividends and other benefits
Settlement of non-salary benefits
Sending payroll, payroll in pdf format by e-mail
Sending monthly public charges to be remitted via notification
Accountability of outgoing employees, issuance of required certificates
Determining regular annual holidays
Administration of sick pay, Tgyás, Gyed

Tax advice

Management, financial and tax advice
Preparation of a financial report
Proposals for tax-saving solutions
Suggestions for cost-effective management
Anticipation of tax liability
Preparation of tables, reports, presentations, graphs

Legal services

Company formation
Company contract amendment based on sample
Establishment of a non-profit organization
Consultation in English
Real estate brokerage

Preparation of transfer price records

Preparation of transfer price documentation
Revision of existing documentation
Cooperation with the client in the preparation of the transfer price documentation
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