Accounting and Bookkeeping services
Payroll services
Tax advising
Legal services
Transfer pricing

Accounting and Bookkeeping services

Double-entry, general ledger book-keeping
Preparation of annual balance sheets and P&L statements according to the Hungarian and European rules and standards (IFRS)
Development of internal chart of accounts and accounting policy for clients
Maintain ledger transactions
Financial statements, balance-sheets
Managing account payable, account receivable

Payroll services

Payroll calculations
Calculation of social insurance and health care contributions and pensions
Calculation of unemployment contribution for each employee and the company
Calculation of advances on personal income tax payable
Record of payments and other necessary data
Annual provision of data to tax and social security authorities
Preparation of monthly reports
Calculation of payments
Registration data to the authorities

Tax advising

Tax-consultation, management of tax matters
Tax-planning, consultation on taxation matters
Generating reports for tax authorities and providing financial reports to the management of the companies
Monitoring and recording company’s incomes and expenses
Managing all aspects of taxation including tax compliance, tax planning, gains policies
Analyzing and monitoring all tax accounts

Legal services

Establish companies according to the actual law
Incorporation by electronic method
Work and residence permits
Prepare documents related to company dissolution
Legal advisory
Advisory at business activity

Transfer pricing

Preparation of documentations
Compliance review of the transfer pricing documentations prepared by our clients
Assistance to the preparation of transfer pricing documentations
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