Changing rules / 2018 - Personal income tax

Rental income arose from residential property will be subject to a 15% individual income tax (as earlier) health care charge of 14% will be dismissed even income is higher than HUF 1 million / year.

Increase in amount of housing allowance to facilitate mobility that can be provided tax-free.

Alongside modifying the detailed rules, the bill would significantly increase the amounts that can currently be provided tax free. The monthly allowance would increase from the current ratios to 60 percent in the first 24 months of employment, 40 percent in the next 24 months, and then to 20 percent over the following 12 months.

There are already three properties to choose for a regular flat-rate short-term activity next year. A license is required for the activity and can be provided for the same private individual up to 90 days. The flat tax is HUF 38,400 per room and per year.